Life Lately

We have some big news that I haven’t shared with the blog yet.  We are excited to announce that baby boy number 2 will be arriving in August.  As much as we are so excited for this baby I feel like I have days that are clouded with worry.  I wanted another boy, I wanted Dean to have a best buddy and a sibling close in age.  But I worry about how Dean will feel having a “typical” sibling.  Also, how the baby will feel about having a brother who gets so much attention. A lot of our time is spent at appointments for Dean, he had 6 this week!  Most of the time I invision this baby being healthy and think about how different that will be for us.  Although, there are days where I worry that this baby could also have a stroke.  So far I have not experienced Cholestasis of Pregnancy, extreme itching, and our ultrasounds have looked great.  This pregnancy has been pretty easy.  It was in the beginning with Dean as well, a bit nauseous and tired early on but that has already passed.  Can’t believe we are already to the half way mark!  As you can see my mind is all of the place with the pregnancy and I will make sure to keep everyone updated as we go along.


For spring break Dean and I went North to Montreal.  It was definitely cold but so much fun.  One of my best friends from high school lives there during the hockey season.  We visited them in Kelowna over the summer at their summer house and had an amazing time then too.  Angela and I have birthday’s a week apart and were shocked when we found out we were pregnant and due a week apart.  We got asked a lot if it was planned, definitely not!  Of course Dean came early so him and her daughter Liv are 3 weeks apart.  It is so fun to see them interact together.  He is all boy, messy and rough, and she is very sweet, nurturing, and a little sassy.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures but I have some hilarious videos of them I will share on Instagram.  Liv’s dad Carey plays for the Montreal Canadiens so Dean was able to attend his first NHL game, I thought he would be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the game but he loved it.  He was saying “Go Habs Go” and “Hockey.”  I have also known Carey since high school and enjoyed seeing the family man he’s become, loved seeing him with Liv and Dean.  Living away from friends and family I definitely don’t take these moments for grated!







I also wanted to share our Easter picture, late I know! But he is so dang cute all dressed up!



In other news, Dean turned 2 last week and we finally got rid of the binky!  I will share more about that next week.

3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. There are a lot of books about the new baby but the best idea is to advise people who come to visit greet Dean first and let him introduce his sibling. He will be very important in this task and as smart as he is, I do not think he will feel slighted as his appointments will go on and he will still be getting a lot of attention to offset the new arrival. Lots of love for the boys and I know that you and Ryan will give them what they need in assurance.


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