It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are enjoying the holiday season so far.  I think the best part of holidays now are getting to experience things with Dean.  Last year we decided to start a tradition of cutting down our tree at a tree farm.  We were told about Pine Tree Barn from someone I work with.  It is about an hour outside of Cleveland in Wooster, OH.  It is so gorgeous out there.  They have rows and rows of trees and a beautiful lake.  They have a tractor and horse drawn wagons to take you out in the field to pick your tree.  They also supply saws to cut it down and even have little saws that are safe for kids.  Once you choose it and cut it down they come and take it back to the barn.  We walked around the grounds for a bit, with a very grumpy toddler who missed his nap.  Eventually we headed back and had lunch in the restaurant.  They also have a huge store with more Christmas decorations than you could ever imagine.  This year it was like 30 degrees warmer than last which made it so much more enjoyable.

Last year and this year




Today I mailed out our holiday cards.  I love doing them but they always stress me out a bit.  Here’s a tip for the amateur card maker, don’t chose square cards!  I made that mistake last year and I had to get special, more expensive, postage.  It’s crazy looking back at how little Dean was.  We used Tiny Prints last year and Shutterfly this year.


I’m a little worried about Dean messing with the tree this year.  He is super curious which is cute but I was trying to think of a way to keep him out, without using a baby gate.  Thanks to Pinterest I found the idea to make a felt tree for him.   I was on Amazon looking for felt and realized you can buy a felt tree for under $20!  So Amazon wins again and this working mom can now just play with Dean and the felt tree instead of making one.  His attention span is very short but he does like it.  I am trying to get “righty” to take turns.  Eventually I’m hoping he can put the ornament up with his left and “righty” can take it down, reaching with his affected side is so hard for him.  I was worried because the tree has little velcro pieces and I didn’t think he could line the two sides up but they aren’t even necessary.  Luckly, the ornaments sticks without the Velcro. And the glitter doesn’t come off!  It hasn’t helped with the not touching our real tree though.  Here is the link to our felt tree.


And how cool is this?!?!  Plae chose us to be a December Ambassador.  They are giving 10% of sales that use our code GIVE679 to CHASA to help with scholarships for children with hemiplegia.  I’ll share the link here so you can read the article they wrote.  I love their shoes, a size up in the Max works great with Dean’s AFO but their shoes aren’t made for AFO’s so if you’re looking for a quality pair for your typical child check them out.



2 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. To Mom and Dad: Dean is just acting with the normal curiosity of his age although I believe his curiosity is above average. He is truly gifted with this ability and will continue to improve in the other areas. I love the trip to find a tree with all the side features. We could never have a real tree as I was highly allergic handling tree and broke out in a terrible rash. Having 4 fiving children under 5 was quite a feat to get anything done. I am truly enjoying your family adventures.


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