Developmental Delays

Dean was only 5lb 9oz when he was born at 37 weeks.  At his first pediatrician appointment they said he was in the 5th percentile.  That small baby didn’t last long!  After that he was continuously in the 90th percentile and at his 12 month appoint he was off the charts.  We constantly hear from strangers how big he is for his age. For the most part it doesn’t bother me.  Although I have joked I’m going to teach him to reply, “you’re big!”  But when your child is big and has developmental delays it can be uncomfortable at times.

I always worry about him and I’ve come to realize this will never change.  I want so badly for him to excel at life.  He is learning things, a lot of things.  Dean loves a reaction.  He will do anything, good or bad to get a reaction.  At home we think it’s cute and funny and go along with it but when we are out I feel so judged.  He doesn’t use silverware, he doesn’t talk yet, and he doesn’t sit still.  Sometimes I want to just scream he’s only 1!

I used to hate getting those weekly emails with milestones.  I eventually stopped reading them.  As a parent and teacher I realize how different every kid is.  My role is to help him continue to grow.  We work with him on language development and fine motor skills.  I plan on starting to work more on colors and following one step directions.  I just don’t see letter and numbers and potty training in our near future and I’m ok with with that, some days.  I think I just went off on way more of a rant than I intended to.  I really want other parents to understand all children are different, if everyone was more accepting our children would be too.  This week we have our 18 month appointment and I think I am preparing myself to hear all the things he isn’t doing.

We went to Florida for Thanksgiving and had an amazing time.  It’s always so hard to come back to the cold.  Wanted to share a few pics from the trip.




9 thoughts on “Developmental Delays

  1. You are both Amazing Parents and Dean Is Exceeding in so many ways… Brandon didn’t talk until he was like 2 1/2 then he would speak small sentences… I was afraid he would never talk.
    I think you tend to relate everything to his disability because of the possibility of it, but without that in mind… Dean is one awesome 1 year old boy loving life and growing and developing just fine!
    GOD is Good and He will continue to be 🙂


  2. I was lucky. My son was 3#12oz 18 1/2 inches, 6 weeks early. He only had to kept warm, brought him home a month later.
    I think that God has special plans for your son ❤️


  3. it is too soon to worry about potty training. He may turn out to be a great basketball player as his mind is sharp and he is quick to understand what is going on His size mimics my 6;3′ granddaughter. She was always way ahead of every other kid. I enjoy being around him. You are right every child is different and is going to progress in their own time Just enjoy him and you and Ryan keep doing what you are doing. He is lucky to have you ;as parents.


  4. By far this is one of my favorite blogs from you. I just wanted to share that I think you are doing an amazing job with your son, the pics tell but that loving smile he always has. My son is almost 2-1/2 and I stopped ready the child development posts for his age a long time ago for the same frustration. He still is in a crib, we are working on getting him a big boy bed in a couple of weeks, he still isn’t potty trained yet, and he still loves to eat with his hands. Most nights we are lucking to get him to eat! lol And also he is that child that runs around everywhere and doesn’t want to sit, even at birthday parties, he is the odd child out not caring about presents being opened, off playing somewhere else. lol You aren’t alone girl and you are doing amazing and Dean will grow up to be an amazing person.


  5. You are both doing a fine job parenting, Lauren. Hitting all those little milestones in a timely fashion seems so important right now, but in the grand scheme of life, you will find that they really don’t matter much at all. Does anyone care that my 29 year old could read by age 3? Nope. Does anyone care that my 29 year old is kind to others? Yes, indeed. I have a friend whose son did not speak until he was almost 3. His pediatrician was not concerned, and they were very late with intervention. He had many, many developmental issues along the way, and his parents faced a lot of challenges and negative reports. This guy is in his 20’s now. He lives with a roommate in Florida, and works at a hospital, after completing training as a phlebotomist. He has gone on mission trips with his church and is one of the most compassionate and caring young people you will ever meet. I say all of this to encourage you to keep up the good work! Little Dean has come a long way in a very short time and only God knows his full potential. xo


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