Chrismukkah Gift Guide


In our house we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah.  I grew up celebrating both, my Mom is Jewish and my Dad was raised Catholic.  I always thought it was “normal” when I was young, then eventually realized not everyone does it this way.  Anyone remember the “Chrismukkah” episode of The OC?  That’s my life!  Even though it’s not traditional, I am so excited to continue the same traditions with Dean.  Hanukkah means 8 nights of presents so I am always looking for books and smaller items and for Christmas we do 1 or 2 big gifts.  This year were staying home for Christmas.  Ryan actually has to work on the 25th so we are taking a trip after on the 27th.   I wanted to share a list of the gifts I’m eyeing for Dean this year.

Oball Go Grippers Bounce ‘N Zoom Speedway– This combines 2 things Dean loves, standing and playing and cars.  Plus a pack of extra cars would make a great Hanukkah gift.

ballMy Fist Mickey Markers and Paper– He is just starting to enjoy coloring but I wouldn’t dare give him regular markers!


Personalized Name Puzzle– I’ve actually given this exact one as a gift and it was beautiful, such a great way for kids to learn the letters in their name.


My First Anywhere Chair– I have always wanted one of these for Dean.  I know Amazon has cheaper ones but I think the Pottery Barn’s regular size would be perfect because he is bigger now.  I think it would be great therapy for him sitting and standing.


Wooden Table and Chairs– He’s ready to have a place to sit for a snack or color at.  I am loving this neutral set, they even have stools so 4 kids can sit at a time, gotta have room for his buddies!


Nesting and Sorting Garages and Cars– One of my friends sent Dean this as a gift and he absolutely loves putting the cars in the garages.  I love that he’s learning numbers and colors.  Everything Melissa and Doug is great and I plan on giving lots of their toys as gifts this year.

carsWalk In Kitchen– We actually already gave this to Dean as an early gift and he is obsessed.  It keeps him busy longer than anything else, it better at that price.  My husband was set on a tool bench but there is so much for him to do in this house and his friends can play with him as well.



One thought on “Chrismukkah Gift Guide

  1. May I join Dean at his table. Looks like fun. Good for you to celebrate. I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and some of my best friends taught me the ways of their life. It was fun and I really enjoyed the food.


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