Weekend Away

No real blog post this week.  We had a crazy weekend and just got back from Florida yesterday.  Unfortunately, my Grandfather passed away last week.  I found out Wednesday and had to leave Thursday because my family is Jewish and he needed to be laid to rest before the Sabbath. Although his death seemed sudden he was 92 and lived a very fulfilling life.  He was always willing to help others and saw the best in everyone, his funeral was reminder on how great of a man he was.


Anyone who knows me knows planning a next day trip is nearly impossible!  Dean wore the only dress clothes he had, a black button down shirt with pink flamingos on it.  My friend said it says “I’m mourning but I’m down to party.”  I’m convinced my Grandfather would have approved.

Instead of mourning correctly, refraining for a week from showering or bathing, wearing leather shoes or jewelry, or shaving (Shiva), we decided to hit up the beach and spend time with family.  After all we were in West Palm Beach.  This was our first time using Airbnb, I was definitely a fan and would do it again, our house even had a pool.  We took Dean on his first trip to the Everglades.  Because of hurricane Irma the water was high and we only saw 1 gator, he wasn’t impressed.

I also wanted to share our Halloween photos.  We went trick or treating with his friends, Mickey and penguin.  Dean didn’t really enjoy it, it was freezing in Ohio and he wasn’t a fan of his costume.  He loves Chick-fil-A so we decided to make him their mascot, he was absolutely adorable.



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