It’s Finally October

I’m going to get pretty basic over here and write about how excited I am for fall. I’ve said it before; Cleveland is the best in Fall. I think having a child makes it that much better. Last year we did a few activities and it was fun but I feel like this year he is walking and old enough to get excited about it too.


Last year I painted his hands and we did crafts. It was adorable and my family loved getting them in the mail. He wasn’t really a fan and I’m pretty sure I had a moment of “I’m never doing this again.” Now looking back at the pictures, I’m so doing it again!

I didn’t really make them permanent last year so at the end I just made a little collage and put them in a frame that I will put out with our Halloween stuff each year. I was looking on Pinterest for a new craft for this year.  How cute is this wood sign that uses a baby’s feet?

Now for my fall bucket list, yup I told you I was getting basic. A few things we’ve already done but there is so much left to do!

Watch Dean walk for trick or treating!
This one tops the list.
Decorate the House
Love putting it up, hate taking it down.
Halloween Craft
Not sure how this will turn out with a walker.
Bonfire with S’mores
Hay Ride
We’ve done 2 already, I appreciate them more than Dean.
Carve Pumpkins
My mother in law actually grew us pumpkins this year!
Try the Maple Pecan Latte from Starbucks.
I’m not a PSL fan so I have high hopes for this.
I really suck at baking but I will try.
Watch Hocus Pocus
Visit a haunted house
These last two are old college traditions that I’m sure I won’t get to but a girl can dream.

4 thoughts on “It’s Finally October

  1. On vacation, but your posts always warms my heart. I hope Dean stops by our house on Halloween. I will be on duty, but wife CARYL will be handing out treats on the witches birthday.


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