Life Lately

I’ve had the past few days off because it has been exceptional hot here.  With no ac in school the classrooms get to almost 100 degrees.  So, 2 extra days off means more together time with my precious babe.  I love it but boy can he be difficult.  I always thought the terrible 2’s didn’t start until 2.  This quote is me lately, “Always fluctuating between feeling like a boss and feeling totally unqualified to raise your child, sometimes within the same hour.”


Dean has always been a great eater, until recently.  He’s like a little windshield wiper and pushes everything off his tray.  If I say no he laughs and keeps doing it, if I don’t say anything he keeps going waiting for my reaction.  I think this is normal but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  I also recently got rid of bottles and he’s decided he doesn’t want to drink milk anymore.  I tried asking the doctor and his response was “well what does he eat?”  I listed our regulars and he replied, “ok feed him those.”  Great doc he will just live off cheese and processed food.  Seriously, the picture is the only food I can consistently get him to eat.


Dean has had many ear infections in his life.  We were close to tubes a few months ago but then they stopped happening.  We thought he was finally growing out of them.  Unfortunately, he just got another.  I think it was because he is having seasonal allergies and all the drainage got to him.  I started him on a probiotic with Vitamin D because he is on a strong antibiotic and I was hoping the Vitamin D would help because he isn’t drinking milk.


Ok rant over.  I cannot get over how fun he is at this age.  Especially now that he is walking!  Fall is great in Cleveland and we are loving it this year.  We have a bunch of farms lined up for the next few weekends.  We went to one over the weekend and it was amazing, we’re already planning on going next year.  It’s called Ramseyer Farm and they offered a Hometown Hero’s Weekend where first responders and military got in free, plus a guest.  I happily would have paid for all they offered!

One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Does he drink water or juice. He will drink milk when he is ready. Unfortunately the terrible two’s start around 18 months and go for a while. I think is the realization that at this age they can frustrate you. Imagine twins at this time with a child 2 yer and 4 months older than twins. Just keep loving him and be patient. There is no book to tell your next phase. Just be consistent. I love your farm visits. All children need this. Love that wonderful boy


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