We’ve Got a Walker

Dean is finally walking.  It isn’t pretty but he’s doing it!  It is crazy how many emotions I have watching him.  I can recall many conversations with doctors and therapists where they told me he may never walk.  Based on other children who have had a stroke I figured he was going to walk around 18 months, I am not sure how I came to that conclusion, call it mommy intuition but I just had a feeling.

It is so hard watching other children, especially his age, reach their milestones.  Technically because he walked before 18 months he isn’t considered delayed.  But sometimes he just seems so far behind.  When people would ask his age I would follow with “he isn’t walking yet” because I knew that was their next question.  I also often get comments on how big he is which made it even harder for people to comprehend why he wasn’t walking yet.


I saved his sticker that said “I Can Walk” from his 12 month stickers and it was pretty surreal putting it on him.  It is pretty hard to get a picture of him now.  This is one of my favorite’s because it shows how proud of himself he is, he is so happy to be moving!  And the other is what happens when I try to get him to stop moving.   He took his first steps Friday afternoon at physical therapy.  I think he feels my working mom guilt because he always does great at the 1 appointment a month I get to take him to.  It was amazing to see and I couldn’t wait to share it with his Dad.  Friday night and Saturday he didn’t take any steps, I started to feel like it was a fluke and he just wasn’t ready to walk.  Then Sunday he decided he was ready, in a room full of people, which isn’t like him at all.


Last night I took him to story time at our public library.  He loved it and was such a little social butterfly.  He walked everywhere and even sat to listen to the story for a bit.  I don’t think I can even describe how it feels to just have him be a typical toddler.  I hate the word “normal” and try not to use it.  Every child is different and I know that but it feels great to see him exceling with his peers.  I can’t post any videos here but I will make sure to put them on my Instagram @theabilitymom.

3 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Walker

  1. This made me cry!! I am so incredibly happy for you and so proud of Dean! It has been so great watching Dean grow and progress and seeing him walk makes me so happy! And it looks like he is just as proud of himself as we all are! Go, Dean, go! And Lauren and Ryan, you’ve really got your hands full now 🙂


  2. This seriously brought tears to my eyes. I’m so proud of Dean and of you mom!!! Thank you for sharing this. What a great and awesome milestone! You go Dean!


  3. He is my star. Many children do not walk until past 18 months so he is just a typical wonderful child. I am so proud of him. He is developing a very great personality. Do not feel mommy guilt as you have been with him at the most important times. He knows your special love and caring. You both have been wonderful parents and because of your caring he is way ahead of all projections and I told you sometime back that he is just developing at his own pace. At this point he really is no different that any child at that age and he will overcome anything in his way. Just ignore those rude people who make a bit todo about walking later. They would never understand and you do not have to feel bad at all. Love, Phyllis


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