Back to Reality

I made it through my first week back at work.  I don’t know why the first week back is so exhausting but it gets me every year.  I teach reading so I have small groups and I work with multiple grade levels.  During the first week of the school year I help out with Kindergarten and those little people are draining!  I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m a bit of an organizer.  I work best when things are planned ahead of time.  I wanted to share my tricks to keeping life organized especially when working full time.

I found out quickly that 2 working people and a child with 4 appointments a week need an efficient scheduling system.  Ryan and I really like and rely heavily on our iPhone calendars.  They link together so when either of us add something we can both see it.  Ryan’s firefighter schedule is pretty crazy because he works every 3rd day for 24 hours.  Plus, he works part time for our city’s fire department.  I really like the old fashioned paper and pencil planner, this is what I use for work.  I have found weekly post its to be an awesome way to write our schedule each week and put it on the counter so we can both see it.  On this I include his work schedule, appointments, and dinner plans.


Meal planning!  I’ve done this forever.  I find if I know what I’m making and we have all the ingredients I am way less tempted to eat out.  Pinterest is awesome for finding meals and the Yummly app has a lot of great ideas.  A friend of mine displays her meal plans on a chalk board in her kitchen and I thought it was super cute.


Once I’ve figured out our meals for the week I like to add the ingredients to my list so I only have to make 1 grocery trip.  I use the Buy Me a Pie! app for my grocery list.  I will admit I’m not in love with this app but it has a lot of good features and was free.  My favorite features are; it sorts my grocery list into sections based on color, it remembers things I’ve previously added to lists, I can have more than one list at a time (grocery and Costco), and it works with my Apple Watch so I don’t even need my phone out at the store.


I think I might be one of the last people left who hasn’t tried one of the meal delivery services.  Having everything show up at your door with a recipe sounds perfect so it is definitely on my list to try.  Also, our local grocery store as well as Walmart now do curbside pickup.  You can go online, get everything on your list, and pick it up at a scheduled time.  I definitely want to try it this week!  Here are some pics from our weekend, it was so nice being home with my boys.


One thought on “Back to Reality

  1. I was so glad to hold Dean. He is quite a character. I do not think he fears anything. I am amazed at how strong he is. Dean is a delight and made my day. Phyllis


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